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Mar 13, 2024 - Mar 14, 2024
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Command Leadership & Management Course

Command Leadership & Management Course 

The course that will provide the student with a  fundamental understanding of how leadership  foundations and principles impact management and  supervision. This course will greatly assist command  level officers with the completion of certain  managerial duties. Students will learn how to  understand and maintain a police budget, understand  how to effectively utilize strategic plans, and students  will understand organizational leadership and how it  applies to their respective agencies. This course  utilizes breakout team exercises to help students  develop a true understanding of approaches and  practices.

Topics include: 

  •  Leadership styles and how leadership &  management differ but work together. 
  • Self-leadership and how it impacts overall  leadership. 
  • How to truly motivate employees
  • Organizational leadership (leading, influencing  & inspiring) 
  • Police budgets (forecasting, proposals,  presentations, approval process)
  •  Strategic planning (SWOT analysis,  implementation and follow through

What students are saying about the course: 

  •  “Great instructors.”
  •  “They have the knowledge and experience to  share this important information!” 
  • “This class is going to help me in my new  command role"


Granite State Police Career Counseling (GSPCC) provides progressive and comprehensive law enforcement training through collaborative learning. GSPCC's instructors are seasoned classroom professionals with law enforcement backgrounds who are formally educated in their respective teaching and training fields.

About the Instructors:

Chris Gandia, Capt. (RET) Capt. Gandia retired  from Londonderry, NH PD with 25+ years of law  enforcement experience. He is a Sr. research  Associate for the Institute for Intergovernmental  Research. He is an IADLEST Nationally Certified  instructor.  Kevin DiNapoli – Chief DiNapoli of Wenham PD,  retired from Hudson, NH PD, as a Capt. In 2015. He  is a certified Polygraph Examiner and Negotiator.  DiNapoli teaches leadership and interview courses.  Dr. Ruben Quesada - Dr. Quesada was hired fulltime with the Mesa, Arizona Police Department in  1995. He retired as a Mesa PD Commander and  now Chief of Swampscott, MA. Ruben possesses a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership.

Cost: $385 per student

Detail Information

Dates: March 13-15, 2024
Times: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Location: Newington Police Dept
71 Fox Point Rd.
Newington, NH 03801

Command Leadership & Management Course

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