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Female Undercover Survival Techniques

Apr 12, 2022 - Apr 12, 2022



Location: New England HIDTA-, Methuen, MA
Apr 12-13, 2022

Detail Information

Female undercover officers are essential to effectively combat prostitution-related crimes, illegal narcotic rings, and organized crime syndicates. Except for prostitution stings, male undercover officers have been primarily used to infiltrate criminal organizations. As more female officers continue to enter the law enforcement profession, many cities are starting to see the true value of female undercover officers.

The perception of females involved in criminal activity is often viewed as non-threatening by the targets of the investigation. Law enforcement can exploit this misconception during undercover operations to strategically utilize the female officer for a tactical advantage. Techniques will be presented during this training course to maximize the use of female officers during undercover operations.

Female undercover officers face specific problems unique to their gender. Overcoming sexual advances is a major concern that most male officers rarely have to deal with. Unfortunately, there have been several instances across the United States, where female undercover officers were sexually assaulted while conducting an operation. Detailed case studies will be presented from these incidents.

This two-day training course will provide female officers with a comprehensive approach to conducting undercover operations with techniques and skills to effectively and safely complete the operation.

Topics Covered:

Introduction to the Female UC Role

Setting up the UC Persona

Entrapment/Legal Issues

Overcoming Sexual Advances

Use of Force Considerations

Undercover Safety Techniques

Psychological Challenges for the Female UC

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