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deconfliction law enforcement, massachusetts fusion center, isc, Investigative Support Center

The NEHIDTA ISC provided intelligence support for 587 cases & produced

150 intelligence work-ups for law enforcement in 2023.

isc,Investigative Support Center,NEHIDTA, deconfliction law enforcement

Investigative Support Center (ISC)

The Investigative Support Center's (ISC) mission is to provide detailed and timely investigative support, deconfliction services, and tactical analytical assistance to NEHIDTA initiatives, participating agencies, and law enforcement throughout New England, resulting in maximum disruption and dismantlement of criminal organizations. The NEHIDTA ISC produces strategic intelligence reporting to assist investigators in probing major conspiracies, projecting potential criminal drug and money laundering operations, and  understanding organizational structure of local, national, and trans-national drug trafficking organizations.

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massachusetts fusion center, isc, Investigative Support Center

The NEHIDTA Watch Center, working in tandem with the ISC, provides 24/7 deconfliction services to minimize investigative and operational conflicts among agencies to ensure officer safety. Deconfliction is the verification and automated notification of law enforcement agencies to ongoing operations in close proximity to one another or investigations targeting the same subject.

This service is provided free of charge and can be accessed via phone, email, or fax.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Fusion Center (CFC)

Collocation within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Fusion Center (CFC) offers the ISC an enhanced cadre of analytical resources, experience and knowledge, available to the NEHIDTA ISC team of analysts. NEHIDTA is comprised of members from the FBI, DEA, IRS, Massachusetts State Police, National Guard, and public health officials working in constant coordination with Homeland Security and local law enforcement to ensure cooperation, interagency communication and information sharing.

massachusetts fusion center, isc, Investigative Support Center, deconfliction law enforcement


1.  People

2. Vehicles

3. Phone numbers

Common Deconfliction Operations

1. Arrests

2. Search Warrants

3. Surveillance

4. Undercover Operations

5. Raids

6. Criminal Investigations


1. Addresses

2. Intersections or Specific Areas

3. Coordinate Locations

New England HIDTA
Watch Center
Deconfliction Services

Please email the Watch Center at

or call (978)-451-3900, or by fax at (978)-451-3901

massachusetts fusion center, isc, Investigative Support Center

The NEHIDTA ISC collaborates with over 1600 law enforcement professionals to collect real-time, primary source data on regional narcotic encounters and seizures. This information is then synthesized into the Annual Threat Assessment to summarize narcotic statistics from the prior year and to forecast drug-related threats and trends for the immediate future. The SC works in coordination with Massachusetts public health officials and the CDC to conduct the Overdose Response Strategy and assist in community prevention and treatment initiatives.

NEHIDTA Watch Center fielded 9,334 Event Deconflictions and 13,209 Target Deconflictions in 2023

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