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Investigative Support Center (ISC)

Investigative Support Center (ISC)

The mission of the Investigative Support Center (ISC) is to provide detailed and timely investigative support, deconfliction services, and tactical analytical assistance to other NEHIDTA initiatives, NEHIDTA participating agencies, and other law enforcement agencies in New England and the surrounding regions enabling more effective and efficient utilization of drug intelligence resources.


The ISC also provides strategic intelligence support, assisting investigators in probing major conspiracies, projecting potential criminal drug and money laundering operations, and producing estimates of future major drug-related activities. This enables the participating agencies to prioritize investigations and enforcement operations.


Collocation with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Fusion Center (CFC) offers an enhanced cadre of analytical resources, experience, and knowledge available to the ISC team of analysts. 


Through its Watch Center, the ISC provides deconfliction services to minimize investigative and operational conflicts between agencies. Participating law enforcement entities regard this free service provided by the Watch Center as an agency neutral program.

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