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Mar 10, 2023 - Mar 10, 2023
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Cannabis Impairment Detection Training : For Law Enforcement

Cost : $450

Cannabis is legal and more openly used around the nation: Can you detect and articulate its impairment? Today’s forms (including edibles, flower and concentrates) have a much higher level of THC than the past. With more cannabis of a stronger variety available, officers greatly benefit from green lab training to help recognize its presence in motor vehicle operators.

Training Objectives include:

  •  In-depth discussion about Cannabis including its different forms, legal status, and legislative history. 
  • A suggested and modified SFST Protocol for detecting cannabis impairment roadside as well as cannabis-impaired driving investigation techniques. 
  1. Field Sobriety Techniques and exercises.
  2. Behaviors of impairment by cannabis commonly observed.
  3. Investigation and documentation suggestions for best practices
  • Building a cannabis impaired driving court case.
  • Chemical testing issues in impaired driving investigations
  • Case Law updates
  • Hands on Green Lab with Volunteers Cannabis Consumers
  1. In compliance with state marijuana possession laws, we present a “green” lab designed for officers to practice impairment detection skills on volunteers dosed with known amounts cannabis. This includes flower, edibles, and concentrates. This will provide the attendees with a gauge of the reliability of their detection skills. The lab is run by civilian instructors. 

Attendees are not exposed to marijuana (or any drug) during training.

FOR ATTORNEY’S AND PROSECUTORS: You will receive the same instruction in the morning session as the officers, and will then observe them in the afternoon – you will not do the hands on training. This observation aspect will increase your knowledge on the best field practices for these cases and to hear the officers conclusions with their justifications.

** This class is a controlled environment for officers to evaluate actual cannabis dosed impaired volunteers**

Dirigo Safety is proud to offer this training in conjunction with the Maine Public Safety Institute.

Detail Information

Location: 95 MAIN ST., SUITE 3
AUBURN, ME 04210

Cost : $450
March 10, 2023

 Cannabis Impairment Detection Training : For Law Enforcement

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