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Cell Phone Investigation Techniques

Apr 28, 2022 - Apr 29, 2022



Location: New England HIDTA, Methuen, MA
Apr. 28-29, 2022

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It has become increasingly difficult for law enforcement to successfully exploit cell phones due to the evolution of smartphone technology. Criminals' heavy reliance on cell phones makes it crucial for police officers to learn common cell phone terminology and understand the data they receive from cell phone companies.

Historical cell-site data and specialized location records have been utilized in hundreds of investigations to successfully track a criminal or put them near a crime scene. Information will be presented during this block of instructions on the benefits of using these records, the limitations of the records, and the best software to map the records.

Smartphone Applications (APPS) have become the preferred method of communication for criminals. Although the content of many APPS is encrypted, there are digital imprints left behind on the actual device. Information will be presented on various APPS, as well as the types of data that can be obtained from the APP providers.

Wiretap investigations can produce very powerful and overwhelming evidence of guilt; The course will provide students

with the fundamental aspects of developing wiretap investigations, uses and analyzing of pen registers.

The final blocks of instruction will involve the use of cell phone geo fences around a crime scene and Wi-Fi router interrogation. These advanced techniques have proven extremely useful in hundreds of investigations. This two-day training course will provide officers with a comprehensive approach to exploiting cellular telephones.


Topics Covered:

Cell Phone Search Warrants & Court Orders

Interpretation of Call Records

Collecting Stored Data

Exploiting Cell Phone Apps

Cell Phone Company Resources

Obtaining & Mapping Cell Site Data

GPS & WIFI Tracking

Geo Fencing

Pen Registers & Wire Taps Overview

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