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Wells Police Department
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Dec 12, 2023 - Dec 14, 2023
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Interview & Interrogation plus Forensic Statement Analysis- Wells, ME (1)

Cost: $460 per student

TRAPPED. You're in the 11th hour of the interrogation, the case that could make your career. The chances he will confess are minimal and without it, he walks free. He'll likely re-offend and hurt another innocent victim. You panic. 

Eliciting the truth is no longer a game of chance as this seminar is a must-attend for new and seasoned law enforcement. This is the only course on the market that teaches Behavioral Analysis (BA) AND Forensic Statement Analysis (FSA) in one class which combined will improve your ability to successfully obtain court accepted confessions, in a non-confrontational manner. You will elevate your status as an interview expert while opening doors to advance your life skills and career. In this unique seminar, you will learn the secrets to detect lies and obtain the truth like the pros. FSA is a proven scientific method to identify truth and deception in oral and written statements through the strategic analysis of each word.  Studies show that the use of certain pronouns (i.e. s/he, we, they) alone can solve 80% of your cases. It's so powerful, in many cases a person's own words can be easily transposed into numbers to identify a truthful, balanced statement. Thenew way to prepare for the interview is to first obtain the pure story in a written statement. FSA will then identify sensitive topic areas to focus on as these clues are given unknowingly by the interviewee and only visible to the trained interviewer. Then, during the interview, you will employ Behavioral Analysis to accurately read body language and non-verbal cues while avoiding the 10 most common mistakes. You will learn how to react to deceptive behavior by employing the 3 Strike Rule, the Verbal Lie Detector, and the Ultimate Power Question. You will identify the 16 Evasive Verbal Responses and ultimately obtain the confession that will keep him behind bars while you join an elite class of distinguished interrogators! 

This 3-day seminar has no prerequisites and will provide you with the skills and mindset you need to conduct more effective interviews and interrogations to achieve better outcomes. Expand your capabilities as this unique course combines two classes into one while eliminating for you 56 hours of classroom time and excess tuitions. 

Topics include: 

  • Lies of Omission 
  • 16 Evasive Verbal Responses
  • Handling Denials vs. Objections
  • Recognizing that it is not easy to lie
  • Old vs. new way of interview/interrogation prep 
  • Events in the past should be written/told as such 
  • Room Preparation 
  • Use of Themes/Nobler Intent 
  • Power of the Written Statement
  • Developing rapport with the Individual
  • Reducing investigation time 
  • Obtaining court accepted confessions 
  • Polishing communication and listening skills 
  • Improving time management skills

 What You Can Expect During the Course Course material is presented in an entertaining and easy-to-learn manner. Key learning points are emphasized through videos, demonstrations, and a respectful environment as questions are always welcome. After the 3 day course, attendees will be prepared to implement the new tools and we offer FREE, lifetime support, 24/7, to assist in employing your new tools.

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Detail Information

Wells Police Department
1563 Post Road
Wells, ME 04090
December 12-14, 2023

Interview & Interrogation plus Forensic Statement Analysis- Wells, ME (1)

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